Does your Indianapolis Area home need more storage? Are you missing personality and that custom look that home buyers are looking for?

If you need more storage space in a home with limited square footage, built-ins may be the answer. Not only do they provide valuable storage in creative ways, they can visually enhance dull areas and add character. You’ll be surprised to discover all of the hidden places which would benefit from a built-in. And even more surprised at how you can use this creative use of space.

Built-in Window Seats

Add seating and storage with built-in window seats. Frame out a window with a comfortable bench and include either a lift-up lid or shelves along the bottom for extra storage. Choose either a simple seat or surround your window along the sides with shelves and closed cabinets for a full effect.

Under stair built in

Craftsman Staircase by Ellicott City Architects & Building Designers Brennan + Company Architects

Awkward Spaces by the Stairs

Use up the wasted space under the stairs with a built-in cabinet. Leave it open or create closed storage for books, toys, and many other items. Another fun idea is to create a built-in shelf next to the stairs rather than under them that increases in height to follow the stair rail.


If you have a recessed area in your home, turn it into usable space with a built-in. A popular option is to create a workspace with a desk. You can add cabinets up high with under-cabinet lighting and low storage under the desk area. A second option is to build shelves all the way across for books or trinkets.

Barn Door storage

Transitional Kitchen by Charleston Cabinets & Cabinetry Robert Paige Cabinetry LLC

Closed Storage

Turn an open area into closed storage with your own built-in. Add sliding doors or traditional cabinet-style doors to close off the area when you want it out of sight. This is a great way to hide a TV in the formal living room or bedroom or to add a mini-bar. Just close the door when you don’t want it to be seen. This type of storage enhances functionality while creating a sophisticated atmosphere to a room.

Special Storage in Tight Spaces

Look for unique ways to increase storage in odd spaces with built-ins. For example, maybe you have a window in a laundry room, bathroom or mudroom. These narrow rooms often don’t have the square footage for traditional cabinets. However, you can design a built-in to fit the limited space under the window while providing either closed or open storage with shelves and custom cabinets.

Room Divider

An open floor plan is ideal for many homes, but it can reduce storage you would enjoy with closets and cabinets along solid walls. Create a room divider while allowing for conversation with built-in cabinets and shelves. For instance, a half-wall between a living room and dining room or kitchen can provide storage for dishes or entertainment systems. It also creates a cozier atmosphere in a large area while offering essential storage.

Open floor plan built ins

Transitional Dining Room by Edina General Contractors REFINED LLC

Creating custom built-ins to work with the available space you have can enhance your home and add value and interest when it’s time to sell. Choose a reputable company like Indiana Residential to build these unique pieces with quality and character .Contact us today and we will take a look at your project needs.