instagram-indiana-residentialInstagram is the ideal avenue for realtors because it allows them to showcase their listings in photos. This social media site not only allows you to share photos with others, but it enables you to connect with your clients. You can also use it to network with other real estate agents. With over 80 million users, Instagram is a valuable resource for realtors seeking to grow their business.

  1. instagram-houseShare your photos

    Take lots of photos of your listings and select the best ones to share. Be willing to experiment with lighting and try out different angles to capture the best image. One of the best reasons to use Instagram is the fact that even amateur photographers can create appealing photos. Add creative captions and use filters to turn out the best results.

  2. Add a filter that works for the photo

    Instagram filters allow you to instill special personality to your photos. Add a haze or select a unique light. You can even give a photo that old Polaroid appeal to create an unforgettable image that stands out. An example is the Sierra filter, which creates a cloudy look to the photo from the high-exposure, low-contrast. When selecting a filter, choose one that showcases the best features of the property and helps to tell the story you want others to see.

  3. Focus on Key Features with Close-Up Shots

    Don’t overlook key features with unique shots when capturing images of the entire house. Rather than just photographing every room, consider what makes it special. Perhaps the flower garden is unbelievable, so take a picture of it. Add special captions that make each photo stand out. The details are what makes a property stand out and encourage potential buyers to consider seeing the property in person.

  4. Stay active on Instagram

    As a social media site, it’s important to make connections on Instagram. Follow other real estate agents and professionals in your industry. Your connections from Facebook can easily be connected on Instagram to start off with a solid foundation. Use hashtags to help your connections grow with other real estate agents or clients in the market for a house. Don’t forget to LIKE other people’s photos and make comments to get others to do the same for you. This can expand your reach to a new audience.

  5. Connect Instagram to other social networks

    Connect your profile on Instagram to your other social networks, so they can build off each other. This helps you build your following and get more people to see your listings. Don’t be afraid to add your photos to the MLS and online listing. A personal photo can set your property apart and it shows that you make an extra effort. Clients will notice and will appreciate your level of dedication and engagement.

    Use Instagram to help others see your homes the way you see them, and you’ll notice the results by the increase in sales.