What Can Do with an Attic to Add Value To Your Indiana Home?

An attic is often an unused space because it’s usually unfinished. Whether you are looking sell and need to add valuable square footage onto your house or you just need more storage for yourself, you might want to look up ↑ for the solution. Here are a few ideas to inspire you with this area to fit in various budgets.

Spare Bedroom

spare bedroom transformed in attic space

Photo by Becki Peckham

If you are in need of one more bedroom to add value and space to your home, you can transform your attic space into a valuable guest bedroom. If you have kids who are getting older and want their own space, they will probably love the idea of finishing the attic for their room or creating a playroom or hang out area. While a steeply-sloped roof can be a decorating challenge, it won’t bother those little people or overnight guests in your home. With a bit of creativity, you can work with the angles to get the most out of this space.

Office/Hobby Room

office space in attic

Photo by Erika Lam

As more people work from home at least part-time, they desire a dedicated office space. The attic is the perfect solution.  Create built-ins along the sloped roof with open shelves or closed cabinets to hold office supplies, electronics and other items. Depending on the size of your space, you could even add seating for guests. Talk to a contractor about building outside stairs if you anticipate clients coming to your office to keep from interrupting your household.

Media Room

attic media room

Photo by Riva Cantù – home theater attic space

Many homes come with only one living/lounging space. If you long for a family room or media room, your attic may be a dream come true. In a large space, you can bring in couches, chairs and an entertainment center. Simply place the television along the angled wall and seats opposite with the highest point of the room reserved for standing. If your attic is small or the entrance is narrow, you may have to build custom seating in the room. Big or small your attic space could be transformed into a get away from the rest of the house.


attic space made into mini apartment

If you have the budget and appropriate entrance, consider turning your unused attic space into a rental unit or apartment for your teenagers. You’ll have to expand the plumbing for a bathroom and kitchenette, but a large attic makes a nice studio apartment.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Attic

The angles and slope of the attic often intimidates people who aren’t sure how to use it or fear the discomfort that comes from walking around short walls. Utilize this feature by making it the focal point. Instead of trying to hide the sharp angles, play them up with lighting and bright colors. Use the shorter portions of the attic for built-in storage, such as cabinets, shelves or other built-in storage.
Add windows to bring in more natural light if codes allow. You can even put in a skylight for a spectacular view that doesn’t overlook the neighbors. Light paint colors will also brighten the room while dark tones add a sense of coziness. Finish exposed beams a contrasting color to make them stand out as an architectural centerpiece.
Work with a contractor to ensure your attic can handle whatever dreams you have for it. If it isn’t sturdy enough, a professional can add support beams to reinforce it. Have them do a thorough inspection before beginning any work to ensure the space is solid and dry and won’t compromise the integrity of your home. Indiana Residential is ready to help you make the most of this unique space. If you know you have some attic space and would like our team to take a look and see what options you may have for expanding this into valuable living/working space, Contact Us Today!