Winter weather can be hard on roofing system. A quick roof inspection in the spring can identify any issues and prevent a problem from turning into unexpected or costly damage that will be revealed during a home inspection. Some visual damages can be spotted from the ground, while others should be safely identified from above.

5 Roofing Concerns To Identify Early

  • Visually look for any loose, curling or damaged shingles that seem out of place
  • Inspect Soffits, Gutters, and Vents for any animal nears or debris. Remove any obstructions 
  • Check for cracked or impaired caulking. Any cracks or loose areas will need to be repaired to prevent moisture from penetrating into your home 
  • Look for any algae, moss or any debris that can keep your roof moist. If your roof is starting to build moss or algae, you will want to consider having some preventative solutions put in place
  • Inspect the exterior of your chimney, looking for any signs of damage. Cracked mortar will need to be sealed and any joints caulked that appear to be deteriorating

Prolong the life of your roof by inspecting it regularly. Our roofing experts can help. 

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