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Chris LeJeune II

photo of Chris LeJeune II

Meet Chris, he serves as Project Manager and Construction Estimator at Indiana Residential. Chris is full of useful experience and knowledge due to his varied and extensive background which includes boat mechanic, HVAC installer, Town of Fishers building inspector and environmental technician. His role at Indiana Residential is to provide timely, accurate and detailed estimates as well as managing every aspect of the home repair and construction process from initial contact to the final project completion. Chris works to get to know his customers and their needs, plans and purchases equipment and material, organizes and oversees the contractors, and most importantly makes sure that he’s made the customer happy at the end of the day.

With more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of construction and maintenance, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive work on both residential and commercial properties. His hands-on trade work experience includes plumbing, radon mitigation, electrical contracting, carpentry, mold remediation, insulation installation, and the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems. Additionally, LeJeune possesses a strong knowledge of building codes as well as maintenance and mold issues in residential and commercial properties. LeJeune has built years of experience maintaining and supervising a safe and positive work environment for a team of employees, while upholding compliance with local, state, EPA and IOSHA standards.

Prior to joining Indiana Residential, he served as an Environmental Team Leader for Pure Air Environmental where he was responsible for the installation of radon mitigation systems, interior drainage systems, sump pump systems and basement waterproofing. He performed inspections on residential and commercial properties for mold, insulation, water intrusion as well as insulation and radon. His work as a Crew Leader at the Alpine Group built his knowledge in everything from NADCA certified air duct cleanings, mold inspections and the practice of following industry standards for IICRC certified mold remediation to routine maintenance of residential and commercial appliances and equipment safety inspections. As a Building Inspector for the Town of Fishers, Indiana, Chris Interpreted building plans and codes to inspect all structures properly, administered and monitored the entire inspection process, trained staff in proper construction methods, all while ensuring safe work practices were maintained in the entire construction process. Additionally, Chris served for years as an HVAC Technician in Ohio where he built valuable skills and extensive knowledge in all aspects of HVAC installation, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of high efficiency furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioning, hot water tanks, boilers, and electrical services. Chris was responsible for ensuring installations met all local and state codes in everything from repairing electrical wiring to installing drainage lines and pipes.

Chris holds an E.P.A. Universal license, R410A Safe Handling Certificate, and AMRT/WRT Certification. He is a Certified Indiana Residential Mechanical Inspector (2010), and has completed various mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural classes through IABO and ICC.

LeJeune grew up on the shores of northern Ohio but roots for the University of Michigan, go figure. Chris is heavily involved in his sons’ sports activities including football, basketball and baseball in the Hamilton Southeastern School District. He resides in Fishers, Indiana and enjoys golfing, fishing and collecting sports cards with his son.

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