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Deb Polise leads sellers down the appropriate path for completing inspection repairs

We hear about it time and time again from our top clients…when sellers chose to work with multiple contractors or unlicensed contractors for completing their inspection repairs, delays and problems often occur. We sat down with Deb Polise, Associate Broker with Berkshire Hathaway, and asked how she handles this part of the home selling process with her clients.

We have found that when your reputation as a realtor is on the line, it’s essential to lead your clients down a path that protects them and your name in the process. Indiana Residential finds that our top clients have one thing in common, they LEAD their sellers down the path they want them to go. When they send inspection reports for estimates, it’s not for a price comparison, its because they intend on Indiana Residential completing the work so they can get the repair process started immediately. Not only do these successful realtors make recommendations for sellers to use established, licensed contractors to complete their inspection repairs, they also fully explain how it could affect the timeline and final closing and cost them more money in the long run when items aren’t repaired properly. When sellers still chose to piece-meal together their repairs or use unlicensed contractors, these homeowners need to then handle this on their own. After all, it’s the realtors name and referral that is on the line.

How do you handle the inspection repair process and lead your clients down a path to protect them and your reputation over time?

About Deb

I am a Hoosier born and raised.  I grew up in North Webster, Indiana and attended Wawasee High School.  After playing tennis competitively throughout high school, I earned a tennis scholarship to Tri-State University. I have lived in Portland, Maine and Chicago, Illinois.  Through my experience as a personal assistant to many nationally recognized high-powered CEO’s, I learned how to listen, solve problems, and think on my feet.  Having managed marketing for a large IT company before becoming a real estate professional over the past nine years, I understand the power of a creative, well-organized, professional and highly effective marketing plan.

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Realtor Helen Metken shares her inspection repair process

We ask…Helen M. Metken, Realtor,Broker with F.C.Tucker, what is your process for working with buyers and sellers to ensure that inspection repairs go smoothly and completed on time and on budget?

When Helen sends us a job for an estimate, she has already discussed the necessary repairs and timelines with her clients. This allows our team to quickly return an estimate, get a prompt approval, and move directly into scheduling all the repairs for her clients. Preparing buyers and sellers with the benefits of using a one-stop contractor like Indiana Residential makes it possible to keep repair costs down, and timelines tight.

Thank you Helen for sharing your experience!


Laura Heigl shares the importance of making a good contractor recommendation to uphold her own reputation

We sat down with Laura Heigl, Century 21 Scheetz realtor, and asked her to share her thoughts on the importance of making good contractor referrals for inspection repairs and other real estate services.


Video Interview, Laura Heigl shares experience with sellers who insist on using multiple contractors


In this weeks video interview, we sit down with Laura Heigl, the team lead of the Heigl Real Estate Group and successful Indianapolis Realtor with Century 21 Scheetz.  We asked Laura to share her thoughts on the pitfalls when sellers insist on price shopping every detail and use multiple contractors for a laundry list of repairs. 

Laura shares a recent closing story with us, WATCH VIDEO. Watch more video interviews from other successful Indianapolis area realtors.
Want to share your stories with us? Contact Nellie Stout

Want to share your stories with us? Contact Nellie Stout


We asked…Why do you use a 1-Stop Resource for Inspection Repairs?

We asked Pat Watkins from The Mike Watkins Real Estate Group:

Why do you use a 1-Stop Resource for Inspection Repairs?

About Watkins Realty Group


Mike Watkins Real Estate Group isn’t the normal real estate brokerage. We assist our clients with buying, selling, purchasing land, home design, renovation, home building, and more. Our team specializes in southern Marion County, Johnson County and Morgan County.

Ranked as one of the top real estate agents/teams in the Metropolitan Indianapolis area by the Indianapolis Business Journal.


Indiana cool temps are here, and so are our YEAR ROUND FULL-TIME W2 employees

Burrr, the cooler temps are officially in the air! Just a little reminder that while home sales may start to slow down, we are here for you with YEAR ROUND, FULL-TIME, W2 EMPLOYEES, ready to serve!

home inspection repair Indianapolis

Inspection Repairs

If it’s on your Inspection Report, we can fix it! One-stop inspection repair services by licensed and insured contractors. 


Whether its hail or wind damage or a roof that has reached its wear life, we are your trusted qualified Roofing Contractor providing you a product and warranty you can trust. » Get my free roof evaluation

Window Glass Replacement

Are your windows foggy? Is there visible condensation or residue between your window panes? We can restore your existing window glass to like-new condition.  Many times there is no need to replace your entire window, give us a call to learn more.

Mold Removal

Our mold removal experts are IICRC/EPA certified. We manage the entire remediation process from inspection and testing to on-site estimates, mold removal and all material repair/replacements necessary. Suspect mold, get your free evaluation

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Happy 9 Year Anniversary to Indiana Residential

Because of you, we are celebrating 9 years of Indiana Residential this month! While many have tried to imitate our business model, only Indiana Residential gets it done year after year.

Indiana Residential 9 year anniversary

Partnering with us means you can always count on us to provide you with a written estimate within 2 business days.  We also only schedule licensed tradesmen with proper insurance to you customer’s home, not handymen that claim they do it all. Why is hiring a Certified Professional so important? Click & Learn.

Did you know?

Indiana Residential also has sister companies for full service Roofing, Mold Remediation, and Plumbing service.  These companies help to expand our specialty services even further.  Indiana Roofing   |   IR Mold Services   |   Big Frog Plumbing

We look forward to closing out this decade with you. Thank you for being a part of our business.

-Your Indiana Residential Team


Indianapolis roofing contractor expands insurance claims partnerships

Are you looking for a local Indianapolis roofing contractor for roof replacement and roof repairs that is professional, knowledgeable and responsive? 


  • Experienced full-service roofing contractor, specializing in residential roof replacements and roof repairs
  • Located in Historic Fountain Square in downtown Indianapolis
  • Owens Corning Preferred Contractor
  • Employs a large, experienced roofing crew focused on quality workmanship
  • Knowledgeable installers follow Indiana Residential Codes and adhere to manufacturers’ installation instructions, with all applicable warranties in place
  • Experienced with insurance claims processes


We understand the value of excellent communication from the beginning to the end of each project, and we pledge to ensure you, and your clients, are highly satisfied with the Indiana Roofing experience.  I will reach out soon to touch base.  If you have an immediate need I could take a look at for you, please contact me directly today.

Kind regards,

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Indiana Roofing, the roofing service division of Indiana Residential, an established Indianapolis inspection repair contractor.  Damon leads the team at Indiana Roofing,
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Holiday Appreciation Party 2018

We have the best clients!!! Thanks to all who came out and those who couldn’t make it. We appreciate you!


Hail damage and home insurance coverage: What to know and look for in an Indianapolis roof replacement contractor

Is hail damage covered by homeowners insurance?

hail damage Indianapolis roofing contractorHail damage is covered by most standard home insurance policies but coverage can be applied in a variety of ways. It’s always a good idea to review your hail coverage directly with your insurance provider, but below is a recap of how home insurance typically pays for hail damage to your house and what to do if hail damage is excluded from your policy.

How do I know if my Indianapolis roof has hail damage?

Hail can damage your roof without any visible signs from the ground. Hail normally has to be the size of a golf ball before it will break through your roof or cause bruising. Sometimes these damages do not show up quickly or are easily overlooked. The integrity of the shingle may be damaged, do not take a chance on it. If hail is driven by high winds or if it lasts longer than a few minutes, even small-sized hail can cause your roof to suffer severe damage and the loss of their protective granules, which will greatly reduce the life of your roof. Loss of granule layers will leave the shingles exposed to the suns UV rays. This will cause serious deterioration of the shingle in a short period of time.

Hail and high winds can cause serious damage to your roof and exterior of your home. Indiana Roofing offers a free roof evaluation to verify the extent of your damages and provides estimates and options on deciding if your roof  should be repaired or replaced.

When do I file a hail damage claim?

Getting a proper roof inspection by a qualified roofing contractor is the best place to start. There are many good roofers, that simply don’t know how to inspect for hail damage or work an insurance claim. You need to ensure you a working with a roofing professional with experience working with various insurance agencies in your area. Beware: every state has different policies, so roofers that chase roofing jobs around the country based on areas where hail has been documented may not be well versed in the policies and state requirements here in Indiana.

Time Limits: It is always best for policy-holders to file a hail claim promptly after a storm where you know, or suspect hail was present. The time you have to file an insurance claim varies by insurance company, but most insurance policies limit your time to file a claim, within 12-24 months of the storm. It’s always best to first contact your insurance agent to verify how long you have to file a claim.

The Process: For many standard homeowners’ policies that include hail damage as part of your protection coverage, homeowners file a claim, pay the policy deductible, and then the insurer pays to fix the damage. A deductible is the amount you have to pay toward a loss before your insurance company pays a claim. When deciding if you should file a hail damage claim, you should first be sure that the amount of the insurance pay out exceeds your deductible in order for a claim to make financial sense. For example, if your home has $1,500 worth of hail damage and your insurance deductible is $1,000, it might not be your best option to file a claim. Average hail claims tend to be at least a couple thousand dollars. Light hail damage might not be enough even to meet your deductible, while heavy hail damage, though mostly cosmetic, can total even a brand-new car on your property.

Indiana Roofing offers free roof evaluations to help you determine that amount of damage your Indianapolis property has suffered from hail and is experienced working with insurance agencies and the claims process.

The Insurance Inspection

Insurance adjusters will inspect your roof and exterior of your home for visible signs of damage only. For the roof, they will typically measure out a “Test Square” (10′ x 10′) on different sections of your roof. If they can find a sufficient amount of bruises or breaks for each “Test Square”, the insurance company will typically approve your claim for a new roof.

What if adjuster says there is “no hail damage?”

While it is possible that your roof escaped damage, even when other homes in your area experienced significant damage, it is also possible that something was missed when identifying the roof damage.

Most discrepancies occur when the adjuster has not assessed the same amount of damage as the contractor, whether it is for the roof, gutters, siding or other exterior or interior damage.  So if you have interior damage or other hard to see damages that can be easily overlooked, chances are the adjuster will probably miss it. This is another reason that you need us to represent you during the inspection.

You are entitled to have your contractor of choice represent you during the inspection and adjustment process to expedite the settlement of your claim. Indiana Roofing has years of experience working with insurance companies to properly determine the extent of the damage, clarify pricing and offer a repair price agreeable to the insurance company.

Does filing a hail damage insurance claim mean my insurance rates will increase?

No, not in all cases will your rates increase. Most insurance companies do not raise premiums or deductibles for “individuals” for filing a claim due to hail or wind damage. It is considered an Act of God or Nature. It is not the same as claiming an auto accident.  Weather damage isn’t caused by your negligence, so your insurer typically won’t hike your rate. However, your rate may increase based on the number of claims you have filed.

Homeowner Beware. Do not make your contractor decision based on the lowest roof replacement estimate.

Especially when filing an insurance claim for hail damage, making a decision just based on price will compromises the quality of the roof and does not save you any money in the end.   Fair Market Pricing for roof replacements are used by insurance agencies and lets face it, your insurance company isn’t going to reward you for finding the lowest bid for them. They won’t lower your premiums!  Select an Indianapolis roofing contractor based on who you feel most comfortable with, their reputation (be sure they are local, licensed, bonded and insured!) and their experience in roofing and insurance claims.

If you suspect hail or storm damage on your roof, give us a call for a free evaluation today!

Damon Bryant

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