We hear about it time and time again from our top clients…when sellers chose to work with multiple contractors or unlicensed contractors for completing their inspection repairs, delays and problems often occur. We sat down with Deb Polise, Associate Broker with Berkshire Hathaway, and asked how she handles this part of the home selling process with her clients.

We have found that when your reputation as a realtor is on the line, it’s essential to lead your clients down a path that protects them and your name in the process. Indiana Residential finds that our top clients have one thing in common, they LEAD their sellers down the path they want them to go. When they send inspection reports for estimates, it’s not for a price comparison, its because they intend on Indiana Residential completing the work so they can get the repair process started immediately. Not only do these successful realtors make recommendations for sellers to use established, licensed contractors to complete their inspection repairs, they also fully explain how it could affect the timeline and final closing and cost them more money in the long run when items aren’t repaired properly. When sellers still chose to piece-meal together their repairs or use unlicensed contractors, these homeowners need to then handle this on their own. After all, it’s the realtors name and referral that is on the line.

How do you handle the inspection repair process and lead your clients down a path to protect them and your reputation over time?

About Deb

I am a Hoosier born and raised.  I grew up in North Webster, Indiana and attended Wawasee High School.  After playing tennis competitively throughout high school, I earned a tennis scholarship to Tri-State University. I have lived in Portland, Maine and Chicago, Illinois.  Through my experience as a personal assistant to many nationally recognized high-powered CEO’s, I learned how to listen, solve problems, and think on my feet.  Having managed marketing for a large IT company before becoming a real estate professional over the past nine years, I understand the power of a creative, well-organized, professional and highly effective marketing plan.

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