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How are you advising your clients to handle their home inspection and repair requests?

With the current housing supply so sparce, and buyers overly anxious to make an offer that will get accepted, it’s more critical now than ever to not overlook the importance of protecting your buyers/sellers from potential disaster. With buyers willing to offer everything from accepting homes “as is”, to forgoing inspections all together, that poses some potentially major risks. How are you advising your clients to handle the inspection and repair requests?

We sat down with Deb Polise, Associate Broker with Berkshire Hathaway, to get a realtors perspective on the market and how it’s affecting transactions and the risk factors involved in buying/selling homes.

What are your thoughts on the current housing market and how are you maintaining a competitive edge while also protecting your buyers and sellers?

Deb shares, “As a buyer’s agent, we all want our offer to be the one accepted, but it’s critical that we all keep our heads on straight. Advising someone to waive an inspection all together is never a good idea. No matter how things look on the outside, with new construction or an older home, there are always concerns that only a professional can reveal.”

“My buyers and sellers rely on me to be their counsel, so I must weigh and present all the risks. I am committed to being fair and reasonable with inspection repairs, not overlooking big concerns just to make the sale. My reputation in the industry, and obligation to protect their investment is far more important in the long run.”

Deb Polise, Berkshire Hathaway

Buying a home is not only one of the biggest investments people will make in their life, but also a highly emotional one. Unfortunately, you can’t return a home in 30 days, so properly addressing repairs is still as critical as ever. Indiana Residential has been working with local realtors and homeowners for over 10 years, both before and after the Home Inspections are completed. Our team is regularly asked to take an early look at homes that are preparing to go on the market. Are there any roof issues? Is there any mold detected? Are there any concerns in the crawl space, basement or attic that can be addressed now to avoid any big surprises? We work hand in hand with top realtors in the area to streamline the inspection repair process and ensure repairs are done properly. We are committed to helping you protect your clients, and your reputation in this unique marketplace.

Give us a call today to see how we can help each other,800-601-4050.