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Indiana Residential earns the construction industry’s Certified 203k Contractor designation

Indiana Residential has completed the construction/remodeling industry’s most comprehensive training in the use of the U.S. Government’s FHA 203k Home Renovation Loan program.

Indiana Residential, a home maintenance and remodeling service company has earned the designation as a Certified 203k Contractor. Indiana Residential is listed in the 203k Contractor Directory , a nationwide database of educated, knowledgeable and experienced 203k contractors, and is dedicated to helping more Americans achieve the dream of home ownership, improve our communities, and contribute to the health of our economy.

The FHA 203k Renovation Loan offers tremendous opportunities today for many consumers to tap into government insured rehab funds. The FHA 203k can revitalize entire neighborhoods, reinvigorate communities, create jobs, and help to improve the real estate market. Until recent years, there has been limited use of this program and little awareness of the opportunities it offers the current economy.

The 203k Contractor Directory, located at® is a database through which Certified 203k Contractors can be located. It was established with the mission of educating contractors on the intricacies and nuances of the 203k program and giving consumers, lenders, and Realtors® a method of validating a contractor’s understanding of the 203k renovation loan program. Additionally, the 203k Contractor Directory increases awareness of the opportunities offered by the FHA 203k program, thereby educating everyone involved.

The Certified 203k Contractor designation provides professional guidance to those who would like to rehab or improve a home to meet their needs and these are the homes offered at the most competitive prices. As a Certified 203k Contractor, Indiana Residential can help customers more easily navigate the process of planning, construction, securing approval, and completing the home improvements.

The 203k Contractor Directory is the national database of Certified 203k Contractors. To learn more, visit or call toll-free (855) CALL-203K.

For more information about Indiana Residential and their services, visit



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Now Hiring! Estimator/Project Manager

Successful and growing construction services business is seeking an Estimator/Project Manager in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. This position will be responsible for preparing accurate and profitable job estimates, converting estimates into successful bids and for planning and managing the resultant projects to successful completion.

Salary plus company vehicle included. No cold call sales. Must be a dynamic and proactive communicator, who competently uses written and verbal disciplines such as e-mail, MS Office and voice-mail, etc. Candidate must be dedicated, motivated and loyal. Prefer experience in the field or a similar position estimating jobs within the construction industry

Indiana Residential, where homeowners and real estate industry professionals turn to for quality workmanship, competitive pricing and superior customer service.


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Why is Zillow So Important to My Real Estate Business?

In the past, some real estate agents feared Zillow. As the website has continued to grow, many agents recognize the value it offers to them and their business. Instead of being the competition, Zillow has become a resource agents can use to develop brand awareness and to find leads.

Home buyers have the information they need at their fingertips with Zillow’s advanced mobile applications. They can stand in a neighborhood and find a map of all the homes nearby for sale.  It’s time to embrace this technology if you haven’t already!

zillow mobileIncrease Your Leads

Advertising with Zillow gets your name in front of more people. Studies show that most buyers research online before contacting an agent. In fact, the 2013 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers put the number at 92 percent. Of those, 90 percent went on to work with a real estate agent to complete the process.

Sites like Zillow (and Trulia-which Zillow purchased last year for 3.5 billion!!) allow buyers or sellers to locate an agent through a resource they trust. They can specify agents by location or search for a specific person. They can read reviews to decide if this is someone they are interested in working with.

Develop Your Reputation

Zillow allows you to build your reputation in two ways. First, you can create a profile on the site for buyers or sellers to find you. People can provide reviews, which will influence others to give you a chance.

The second way to build your reputation is by getting involved in the community. Visit the forums and take the time to answer questions. People who post questions on the forums are interested in buying or selling a home, but they aren’t quite ready to take the next step. They go to these forums to ask for advice or information. When you provide what they’re looking for, you develop credibility. They are more likely to remember you as someone they “know” when they are ready to move forward.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Real estate agents can benefit from Zillow by reading the questions and visiting other areas of the site. They can learn who is putting homes on the market that are For Sale By Owner. This allows them to know more about the market and their competition. They have their industry statistics, but Zillow is another resource to find out what’s happening currently in the market.


Zillow makes it easy for buyers and sellers to find information and facts about real estate. What it cannot do is walk them through the process step by step. A real estate agent is essential for that part of the journey. It can never replace the agent, but it can partner with them to make the home buying or selling process easier and more stress-free.

What the site can do for the agent is to let them know what questions people are asking and to ensure they know what is happening on the other side of the market. Zillow is a valuable resource for real estate agents if they utilize it and know how to make the most of this tool.

The key is to embrace technology and work with your home owners help maximize their property to stand out amongst the competition. Indiana Residential can save you time by serving as your one stop home improvement resource so you can focus on all the other ways to get ahead in todays competitive market. Contact Us today. 

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The Importance of Video When Marketing Your Real Estate Property

Today’s buyers do a lot more research online on purchasing a home before they ever make a contact with an agent or visit a property. According to the 2015 National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers from, over half of buyers used a mobile website or application in their search as opposed to only 20% using a print newspaper ad.

Technology has changed the way people buy homes, and it must also impact the way people sell their homes if they don’t want the property to sit on the market for a long time. Video has become popular for many buyers. They’ll watch a YouTube walk-through of a property to find out if they want to see the place in person.

Making a Good Video

Almost anyone today can make a video of a property. The key to selling it is to have a professional quality video. Besides providing a walkthrough of the property, a video can add descriptive information through text or highlight aspects of the home you want to bring to attention.

People are often intimidated by the prospect of being in front of a camera or creating a video. While it should be of good quality, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. You don’t even have to narrate. Instead, music over a list of images can create the perfect impression. Others prefer to narrate off-camera, talking about various aspects as if they were showing an individual buyer the place in person.

Make Your Home Stand Out

Statistics show that only a small percentage of real estate agents are using video in their marketing efforts. Because YouTube isn’t overloaded with them, the ones you see stand out.

If you’re a buyer looking through multiple homes with still images and you come across one with a video, you’re going to remember it. Video turns a one-dimensional property into 3D. It’s more like taking a physical tour, and it can help buyers decide if they want to take the next step and schedule a showing.

The Complete Picture

Creating a simple website for a single property allows each real estate agent the opportunity to market more effectively. They can provide more information, such as floor plans, data about the neighborhood and mortgage resources. All of that, combined with an appealing video, can encourage buyers to put some serious thought into the property.

Video is everywhere, and it’s either replacing or enhancing written content. It makes sense to utilize this valuable tool when trying to sell a property to today’s buyers.

Get your home in shape and make it video ready! The professionals at Indiana Residential can help with any of your home improvement and repair needs to help get your home up-to-date and looking it’s very best before, during, and after listing it on the real estate market. Contact us today!


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NOW HIRING. Construction Super Hero Wanted!


  • 40 Hours Each Week
  • No Travel
  • Paid Every Friday
  • Company Van
  • Tools & Disposables Paid For
  • Established Company

We are looking for people who have experience in remodeling. Skill sets should include light plumbing, light electrical, carpentry, etc.  Must be:

  • Dependable
  • Deadline Oriented
  • Must Pass Background Check

Send Resumes or Contact Information to: or call 800.601.4050





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Instagram Marketing Basics for Realtors

instagram-indiana-residentialInstagram is the ideal avenue for realtors because it allows them to showcase their listings in photos. This social media site not only allows you to share photos with others, but it enables you to connect with your clients. You can also use it to network with other real estate agents. With over 80 million users, Instagram is a valuable resource for realtors seeking to grow their business.

  1. instagram-houseShare your photos

    Take lots of photos of your listings and select the best ones to share. Be willing to experiment with lighting and try out different angles to capture the best image. One of the best reasons to use Instagram is the fact that even amateur photographers can create appealing photos. Add creative captions and use filters to turn out the best results.

  2. Add a filter that works for the photo

    Instagram filters allow you to instill special personality to your photos. Add a haze or select a unique light. You can even give a photo that old Polaroid appeal to create an unforgettable image that stands out. An example is the Sierra filter, which creates a cloudy look to the photo from the high-exposure, low-contrast. When selecting a filter, choose one that showcases the best features of the property and helps to tell the story you want others to see.

  3. Focus on Key Features with Close-Up Shots

    Don’t overlook key features with unique shots when capturing images of the entire house. Rather than just photographing every room, consider what makes it special. Perhaps the flower garden is unbelievable, so take a picture of it. Add special captions that make each photo stand out. The details are what makes a property stand out and encourage potential buyers to consider seeing the property in person.

  4. Stay active on Instagram

    As a social media site, it’s important to make connections on Instagram. Follow other real estate agents and professionals in your industry. Your connections from Facebook can easily be connected on Instagram to start off with a solid foundation. Use hashtags to help your connections grow with other real estate agents or clients in the market for a house. Don’t forget to LIKE other people’s photos and make comments to get others to do the same for you. This can expand your reach to a new audience.

  5. Connect Instagram to other social networks

    Connect your profile on Instagram to your other social networks, so they can build off each other. This helps you build your following and get more people to see your listings. Don’t be afraid to add your photos to the MLS and online listing. A personal photo can set your property apart and it shows that you make an extra effort. Clients will notice and will appreciate your level of dedication and engagement.

    Use Instagram to help others see your homes the way you see them, and you’ll notice the results by the increase in sales.

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The importance of hiring licensed professionals for home repairs when selling your home

Are you looking to hire a contractor to work on your home? First, always consider your liabilities and protect yourself and the homeowners.

If you are reading this you are either a homeowner hiring a contractor to work at your home or a Realtor referring your clients to contractors. In either case, you should be extremely concerned about LIABILITY!

Did you know if a homeowner hires an uninsured contractor and they are injured on the jobsite, the homeowner could be sued to pay for their injuries?

But wait, did you know this…..

The homeowner would need a special rider to have a ‘Contingent Worker’s Compensation Coverage Endorsement’ on their homeowner’s policy to cover them for this exposure. If they do not have this endorsement, they could be personally liable for the medical bills for the injured contractor.

Most of us do not even think about asking our insurance agent for this rider, let alone question the liability.

This applies to the kid next door who wants to mow your lawn, or the person your neighbor hired to paint their house. Most of us do not think about this, rather we only think about the “deal” we are getting or how “inexpensive” the worker is.

In order to protect yourself, the first question you should ask is whether the worker is an individual or an employee of a company. If the company has multiple employees, the company is required by law to have worker’s compensation insurance, which would cover such injuries. If the company does not have worker’s compensation insurance, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of getting sued for thousands of dollars, if not more!

If the worker is an individual, it is likely they may not have worker’s compensation insurance.

The homeowner should obtain a certificate of liability and worker’s compensation coverage (or a worker’s compensation waiver if the business is an individual) from the contractor prior to work commencing.

Protect yourself and hire an insured contractor!

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Video: Learn About Indiana Residential

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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Written by By Erinn Bucklan

Kitchen Makeover Strategy #1
Budget: Under $15,000

Best for: Someone who plans on spending fewer than three years in their house. While all kitchen upgrades add resale value to your home (experts say you can expect to recoup between 90 and 102 percent of your investment), minor remodeling has the surefire guarantee of a full return.

“Small changes can have a big impact,” says Janice Anne Costa, author of Everything and the Kitchen Sink and editor of the trade publication Kitchen and Bath Design News. “We’re not talking about a triple glaze on cabinets or baroque cabinet carvings, of course, but adding a new countertop or a fresh coat of paint. These can quickly reinvent the most-used room in your house.” Here are some of the must-have ways you can get more bang for the buck.

These surfaces get a lot of wear and tear in a kitchen. While precious marble or stone will most likely be a budget-buster at this price point, there are economical choices that are now virtually indestructible, too. CaesarStone, for example, is 93-percent crushed quartz that’s combined with polymer resins to create a tough-as-nails, nonporous surface, according to Costa.

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