Just as your real estate business relies on referrals, Indiana Residential also depends on the quality of the relationships we build and the unique service we provide.  You count on us and we count on you.work-group-sky-web

The company owners are entrenched in every aspect of day to day operations and value each and every business relationship they earn.  Our management team is made up of experienced construction and real estate professionals that pride themselves on staying up-to-date on the latest trends, construction certifications, licenses and skills it takes to serve realtors and homeowners throughout our great city.  Our trusted team of field contractors are full time W2 employees that work for us year round.

Our team makes us who we are, so we’d like to introduce them to you properly. Click on each employee to learn more about their skills and role at Indiana Residential.

Our Management Team

Michael Greve
Kelly Latimore
Owner/Roofing Services
Rachel Delgado
Operations Manager

Chris Williams
Senior Project Manager
Robert Barnes
Mold Services
Elyse Chambers

Chris LeJeune II
Project Manager/Estimator
Brian Alexander
Project Manager/Estimator

Michael Johnson
Project Manager/Estimator
Nellie Stout