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Pros and Cons of Partial Renovations vs. Complete Remodels

If you have an outdated home or even a single room in a house, you may be deciding whether to do a partial renovation or go for an entire new look with a complete remodel. The difference between minor and major remodels lies not only in the complexity of the project and the cost, but often on the return on your investment.Photography Portfolio

When You’re Selling

If you plan to sell your home in the next year or two, you may want to forego a major renovation. According to a survey from Zillow Digs, most experts recommend making minor updates to bring your home’s design current rather than investing in major changes. You’ll probably get more of your money back in the increased price than you would with what you spend on a complete renovation.

Anyone who really wants to make major changes in hopes of bringing a higher price will need to speak with an expert about the best way to get as much money back as possible. Depending on where you live, finished basements or attics may bring enough to pay for the remodel. In other areas, it may be the updated bathroom that commands a higher sales price.

When to Choose a Complete Remodel

The case for a total renovation to a room comes when it’s no longer functional. If you’re tearing out walls to open up an area or make it larger, a complete renovation makes sense. Another reason to go for the big project is when you need to update plumbing and electrical or if there’s foundation issues.

It also depends on how much of an impact a major remodel will have on visual appeal. For instance, in a kitchen, the big difference between what you see with a minor and major renovation is the cabinetry. If the cabinets are an eyesore, you’ll want to replace them. However, a minor remodel means replacing or altering the fronts of the cabinets. With a major remodel, you’ll completely remove the cabinets and install new ones.

With a complete renovation, you know everything is brand new. If major work needs to be done, this is the only option. While you can expect major expenses and a big budget, the results can be worth it.

When to Choose a Minor Remodel

If the bones of the room you’re renovating are good, you may be looking at a minor remodel. Just remember that the word “minor” may not mean the same thing to everyone. You may have a lot of work to do, and the room often looks like it has been completely demolished, but it still classifies as minor if no major structural changes have been made or electrical and plumbing hasn’t had any big alterations.

You don’t want to cover up issues with a pretty design, so make sure you understand when a major remodel is required or when a minor update will do. Indiana Residential can help you decide which type of renovation will achieve the results you want within budget.

For help deciding what is best for your budget, contact the pros at Indiana Residential. We can help walk you through all the details to make the best decision for your home.


Ways to Transform and Add Value to your Indianapolis Home With Wainscoting

Create a New Look with different Wainscoting styles

Wainscoting is an easy way to make any room stand out. This architectural detail adds character in a modern or traditional home, and captures the attention of guests or buyers, if you’re planning to sell. With minimal supplies and the help of a contractor or handyman with the right tools, you can transform a room from boring to WOW in no time. These techniques can be used to richen up the look of your property, cover up unsightly/rough dry wall, and even serve as an added durability to high traffic areas like hallways and stairways. Learn how to add wainscoting in fun and inventive ways.

Functional Design

Wainscoting is known as a decorative element in a room, but it can have functionality as well. At the top of the boards, add a narrow shelf as a border. You can place small trinkets on it to enhance the visual element of the space. To make it work, choose a taller height for your boards closer to eye-level when they’re installed.

Traditional Powder Room by Seattle Architects & Building Designers Goforth Gill Architects

Create Contrast

Many people choose a white or light color board for wainscoting, but you can add contrast with a dark grey, blue or chocolate. Complete the look with a wide base at the bottom and a narrow trim at the top. This design complements a space like a bathroom when you pick up a dark color in the tile.

Eclectic Bathroom by Pacifica Interior Designers & Decorators Alden Miller Interiors

Add Length to a Room

While most wainscoting is installed vertically, you can switch things up by putting it in horizontally. This method lengthens a room and makes it appear larger. At the same time, boards placed vertically draw the eye up to make a room feel taller. This idea works well for a small bathroom or other areas with limited square footage.

Traditional Powder Room by Newport Beach Interior Designers & Decorators Mehditash Design


A Modern Space with Wider Boards

Traditionally, wainscoting has consisted of narrow boards at chair-rail height. However, modern design has altered this design to be fresh and contemporary. Wide boards that extend higher up the wall create a unique space which is not too formal while adding a sense of character to the space.

Shabby-chic Style Dining Room by Tampa Interior Designers & Decorators Tweak Your Space


Mix and Match

Create a contemporary look unique to your home by mixing wainscoting styles. For example, combine the ever-popular batten and board style with picture frame wainscot for a distinct take on the traditional look. Go modern with offset squares which adds interest to a wall and turns it into a focal point.

Achieve ultra-modern with metropolis circles or a rustic feel with barn door wainscoting. As you can see, wainscoting can fit in any home with any design scheme as long as you select a style which complements your overall theme.

Break the rules with wainscoting that features multiple colors. Each board can be a different thickness and color for the illusion of stripes. This style adds vertical interest and can enhance a plain wall.

Traditional Dining Room by Fort Collins Interior Designers & Decorators Bungalow House Plans

Wainscoting is an easy way to enhance any room in your home from the dining room to the bedroom to the bathroom. While simple designs are easy enough for DIY projects, hiring a professional will save you time and ensure the end result is everything you wanted it to be. Check out companies like Indiana Residential and bring them your design ideas to create a brand new space in your home.
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Instagram Marketing Basics for Realtors

instagram-indiana-residentialInstagram is the ideal avenue for realtors because it allows them to showcase their listings in photos. This social media site not only allows you to share photos with others, but it enables you to connect with your clients. You can also use it to network with other real estate agents. With over 80 million users, Instagram is a valuable resource for realtors seeking to grow their business.

  1. instagram-houseShare your photos

    Take lots of photos of your listings and select the best ones to share. Be willing to experiment with lighting and try out different angles to capture the best image. One of the best reasons to use Instagram is the fact that even amateur photographers can create appealing photos. Add creative captions and use filters to turn out the best results.

  2. Add a filter that works for the photo

    Instagram filters allow you to instill special personality to your photos. Add a haze or select a unique light. You can even give a photo that old Polaroid appeal to create an unforgettable image that stands out. An example is the Sierra filter, which creates a cloudy look to the photo from the high-exposure, low-contrast. When selecting a filter, choose one that showcases the best features of the property and helps to tell the story you want others to see.

  3. Focus on Key Features with Close-Up Shots

    Don’t overlook key features with unique shots when capturing images of the entire house. Rather than just photographing every room, consider what makes it special. Perhaps the flower garden is unbelievable, so take a picture of it. Add special captions that make each photo stand out. The details are what makes a property stand out and encourage potential buyers to consider seeing the property in person.

  4. Stay active on Instagram

    As a social media site, it’s important to make connections on Instagram. Follow other real estate agents and professionals in your industry. Your connections from Facebook can easily be connected on Instagram to start off with a solid foundation. Use hashtags to help your connections grow with other real estate agents or clients in the market for a house. Don’t forget to LIKE other people’s photos and make comments to get others to do the same for you. This can expand your reach to a new audience.

  5. Connect Instagram to other social networks

    Connect your profile on Instagram to your other social networks, so they can build off each other. This helps you build your following and get more people to see your listings. Don’t be afraid to add your photos to the MLS and online listing. A personal photo can set your property apart and it shows that you make an extra effort. Clients will notice and will appreciate your level of dedication and engagement.

    Use Instagram to help others see your homes the way you see them, and you’ll notice the results by the increase in sales.

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Remodeling on the Rise

January 18, 2011
FEATURE ARTICLE | Markets & Trends|Window and Door Mag
In the wake of the worst downturn in recent history, the U.S. home improvement industry is poised for growth, according to a new report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. Over the coming years, remodeling expenditures are expected to increase at an inflation-adjusted 3.5 percent average annual rate, below the pace during the housing boom, but sharply recovering from the recent downturn.

“As both the economy and the housing market stabilize, so too will homeowner improvement spending,” says Abbe Will, a researcher with the center’s Remodeling Futures Program.

The industry, which saw a double-digit decline since its peak in 2007, is beginning to return to a more typical pattern of growth. Market fundamentals—the number of homes in the housing stock, the age of those homes, and the income gains of homeowners making improvements—all point to increases in remodeling spending. “Metropolitan areas with rising house prices, older housing stocks, higher incomes and home values, and a larger share of upscale remodeling expenditures, such as Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, are well-positioned for an upturn in remodeling activity,” says Eric Belsky, the Joint Center’s managing director.

The report, A New Decade of Growth for Remodeling, also predicts the focus of remodeling spending will shift from upper-end discretionary projects to replacements and systems upgrades. Remodeling contractors have a number of growth opportunities generated by underinvestment in distressed properties, lower mobility, changing migration patterns, and the rise of environmental awareness, it is suggested.

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